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In Portland you can ride a modern streetcar to a museum celebrating ancient steam engines

Portland is a train town. From its history as a 19th Century railroad outpost up to the present with its light rail and streetcars, steel wheels on tracks seem to have forever resonated in the The City of Roses. One … Continue reading

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Writing on the bus

Ray Branbury said write a short story a week, reasoning that it is impossible to write 52 bad short stories in a row. When I came across his advice, it really resonated with me. So I am giving it a … Continue reading

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The Tampa Tribune (1895-2016)

When I was at The Tampa Tribune in the 1980s and 1990s, the newsroom had a lot of personalities, none bigger that H. Doyle Harvill. As editor, Harvill could be an energizing, bewildering force not opposed to proudly flaunting his … Continue reading

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My open letter to the executive editor of The New York Times about covering President Trump

Donald Trump likes to flood the field with lies, and part of his long game is to discredit all the bastions of truth and credibility. Teachers, scientists and journalists and writers will be in his crosshairs. Continue reading

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The time I drove across the Cascade Mountains and the ‘Red Headed Stranger’ rode shotgun

I recently made a long, solo drive from Seattle over the Cascade Mountains, and I found a great road trip companion: Willie Nelson’s “Red Headed Stranger.” In Eastern Washington and Oregon on my way to the Columbia River Gorge the … Continue reading

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