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The time I drove across the Cascade Mountains and the ‘Red Headed Stranger’ rode shotgun

I recently made a long, solo drive from Seattle over the Cascade Mountains, and I found a great road trip companion: Willie Nelson’s “Red Headed Stranger.” In Eastern Washington and Oregon on my way to the Columbia River Gorge the … Continue reading

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Seven things you may not know about the life and music of country legend Merle Haggard

With songs like “Tulare Dust” and “They’re Tearing the Labor Camps Down” Haggard – like Guthrie – captured in simple lyric and melody the same sentiments reflected in the prose of John Steinbeck about the struggles of migrant workers. Continue reading

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In Seattle, they put pianos in the parks, invited people to play and the music brought people together

My 10-year-old son is always on the lookout for a piano. When were visiting Florida in June, he scouted a glossy black baby grand in the corner of the restaurant at our beachfront hotel. In no time, he had talked … Continue reading

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Ballard’s Marceau Pipe Organ Builders is the soul of the neighborhood and we should not forget it

Poke around just a little bit in my Seattle neighborhood, and you will be surprised at what you discover. That was my first impression when we stepped inside the cramped and busy workshop at Marceau Pipe Organ Builders in Ballard. The … Continue reading

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A Sam Baker concert somewhere on the planet? My friends Trey and Penny just might be in the audience

No matter where Texas singer-songwriter Sam Baker performs, there’s always a chance two of his biggest fans – Trey Palmer and Penny Edwards – will be in the audience. Trey and Penny live on a lake outside of Gainesville, Fla. They are … Continue reading

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